Environment Headlines:


Environmental Management / Policy

Ecotrans Group has through Q3 and SYSTOLE an environmental safety tool, Q3 / Systole is a living document in which the positive development of the car and trailer park and associated subcontractors are audited monthly. At the same time we implement and specifies the minimum requirements Ecotrans Group demands that their subcontractors live up to through the tool Q3 / Systole.se. This tool audits our subcontractor's euro classification on a monthly basis. Ecotrans Group has an environmental policy that describes and set's the ambitions for environmental issues. This is reported on a request basis.

Ecotrans Group is focused increasingly on the Environment and how we can make our transportation safer and more efficient. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our skills and follow the evaluations from Q3 / Systole - A forum for sustainable transport - a collaboration of six major buyers of transport. Learn more about Q3 & Systole organization http://www.Q3.se


Environmental Risks

Ecotrans Group is to carry out, running risk inventory via the tool Q3 / systole.se where written documented procedures are in place, ensuring that the risks identified as environmentally critical will be care'ed for. These procedures should include at least the reporting of emergency preparedness and planning measures for mitigation of identified environmental risks, see more under Eco trans Group rankings on Q3 / Systole.


Environmental Plan

Q3 / Systole establish a project specific environmental plan that members must follow. Ecotrans Group's vision and strategic direction and policy on the environment (as the introduction above) should always be considered in the environmental plan. The plan of www.systole.se is clear procedures for the consultant's self-monitoring, more info at the specifications via Q3/ Systole.


Environmental Audit

Q3 / Systole reserves the right to conduct environmental audits at the supplier (Ecotrans Group). Provider shall participate in such audits and provide appropriate documentation. In cases where sub-contractors and / or subcontractors occurs, the Ecotrans Group ensure that Q3 / Systole has the same right against the provider's subcontractors and suppliers.


Influence of climate

Ecotrans Group's data on carbon dioxide emissions, and number of tucks that live up to EURO 5 standards, are all shown? Monitored and visual on Q3 / www.systole.se Given Ecotrans Group environmental objectives, the vehicle fleet at the end of first quarter 2012 to be exchanged for a minimum of Euro 5-standard trucks. Ecotrans Group has strong demands towards its suppliers to keep up with today's current development, in reducing the climate and environmental impact.


Ecotrans Group's claims against customers in the waste and residues

Customer is responsible for waste and waste sorted and placed in accordance with the procedures applicable to the project and given the current rules. When the customer is responsible for disposal of wastes shall be shown how the waste was handled. The customer shall have procedures for identifying and handling hazardous waste. Customer is responsible for disposal and to answer his or her own waste in accordance with Waste Ordinance (SFS 2001:1063). Customer shall upon request provide shipping documents and permits / certificates to waste receiver confirms that the Regulation's requirements are met.