Ecotrans Group is privately owned with head office in Malmö in Sweden, supported by our own branch offices and agents across Scandinavia and Europe.

We specialize in worldwide, tailor-made transports. You get the whole range of transport services - through one single contact, in other words we offer you “one point of entry”.

Our company was founded in 1999 and has experienced a tremendious growth. Today boosting a team of more than 50 professionals, who together with our agents are ready to serve you.

Ecotrans Group has in four consequetive years since 2011 been named Gazelle company by the Swedish business press. 

Environmental policy

Ecotrans Group AB is a privately-owned haulage company that develops and offers the market international transports by road, sea, air and rail.

All transports entail an impact on the environment. Ecotrans Group AB must work to the best of its ability to help reduce the strain on the environment as much as possible at the company and in its surrounding environment.

We must achieve this by:

  • Being aware of and complying with applicable laws, rules and regulations relating to the environment
  • Raising awareness among our employees in order to bring about committed environmental work at the company.
  • Constantly working on measures to improve the environment
  • Conserving resources and preventing pollution
  • Meeting our customers' environmental requirements and encouraging our suppliers to be proactive in their work to protect the environment

Quality policy

Ecotrans Group AB is a privately-owned haulage company that develops and offers the market international transports by road, sea, air and rail.

Ecotrans Group AB must meet our customers' requirements, needs and expectations  to ensure that they are satisfied with our services.

We must achieve this by:

  • Giving customers peace of mind in transactions and offering solutions in transport operations of all kinds.
  • Making use of established, reputable suppliers that provide secure transports.
  • Constantly working to improve our established quality objectives.
  • Being accessible and providing rapid answers to any questions. 
  • Building long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.  
  • Having quality conscious, dedicated employees with extensive experience of  the industry and good language skills.
  • Complying with applicable laws, ordinances and regulations.


Code of Conduct

Employment conditions
We endeavour to be a respected employer. Ecotrans Group must ensure that the working environment is positive from a physical and social point of view and will endeavour to be an attractive employer as far as employees' personal development is concerned. The relationship with and between the employees must be founded on mutual respect and dignity and reasonable influence in areas that affect the individual's work situation. 

We require that suppliers respect basic human rights and that employees be treated in accordance with the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (www.ilo.org). 

Work environment
We endeavour to continually improve health and safety in the workplace and work to provide our employees with a safe working environment. 

We comply with national laws and regulations as a minimum requirement.  

Suppliers must comply with applicable laws and regulations relating to the working environment and working conditions as a minimum requirement. We also ask our suppliers to prioritise workers' health and safety and we expect appropriate protection to be used, equipment and buildings to be safe and hazardous substances and hazardous waste to be handled in a safe manner.  

The terms of employment, including pay and working hours, offered to our employees must at least meet the minimum requirements set out in national law or conform to the relevant standards in the places where we operate.  

Suppliers must apply working hours and pay salaries and overtime at least in accordance with national laws and agreements or in accordance with relevant standards.  

Gender equality
We advocate change and development and consider them impossible to achieve in workplaces where gender equality does not exist. We therefore endeavour to ensure that employees are given equal opportunities for development, training, payment, duties and terms of employment, regardless of gender.

We endeavour to achieve a non-discriminatory corporate culture based on responsibility and respect. We are convinced that good outcomes, comfort and well-being, commitment and collaboration are achieved through diversity and our employees are given equal opportunities to develop regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability or other distinguishing characteristics. Ecotrans Group does not allow discrimination or harassment in any form. This applies to both Ecotrans Group and our suppliers. 

Forced labour
We do not accept forced labour, involuntary or unpaid work in any form. This includes agreements made under forced conditions and illegal labour.  Nor do we accept practices that restrict the free movement of employees and no person may be detained in work for any period against his or her will. This applies to both Ecotrans Group companies and our suppliers.

Child labour
The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the ILO Convention concerning Minimum Age for Admission to Employment and the Convention concerning the Prohibition and Immediate Action for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour constitute guidelines for all activities taking place in our name. No person under the age for completing compulsory education or under the age of 15 may be employed. If child labour is discovered at one of our suppliers, we request that action be taken to correct the problem that does not worsen the child's social situation. If deficiencies still exist after the supplier has been given reasonable time and opportunity to remedy them, the supplier will be replaced. 

Disciplinary measures  
Employees must be treated with respect and dignity.  Employees may under no circumstances be subjected to corporal punishment or other forms of physical, sexual, psychological punishment, harassment or coercion.  Deductions from wages may not be made as a disciplinary measure unless such is regulated in a collective agreement or is authorised by law. This applies to both Ecotrans Group and our suppliers. 

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
Employees must be free to exercise their legal right to be a member of, organise or work for organisations that represent their interests as employees. Suppliers must not expose employees to threats or harassment or otherwise restrict or interfere with the lawful and peaceful exercise of their rights. 

Political involvement
We observe neutrality towards political parties and candidates. 

Environmental policy
Our environmental policy expresses our desire to contribute to sustainable development and a better environment. We work proactively to continually reduce our direct and indirect environmental impact. Thinking in terms of cycles and economic use of natural resources is an important starting point for our business activities.  

We do not accept corruption, bribery or unfair anti-competitive actions. All sale and marketing of our services must take place in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in each country. 

We must not violate applicable competition laws. We do not participate in cartels or other prohibited collusion with competitors, customers or suppliers.  We must not offer or provide payment or other compensation to any person or organisation in order to induce that person or organisation to establish or maintain a business relationship with Ecotrans Group. We must not, directly or indirectly, solicit or accept any form of inappropriate payment or other compensation that is given in order to establish or maintain a business relationship with Ecotrans Group. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, our employees may only give or receive gifts or services that do not violate any applicable law, that conform to common business practices and that cannot reasonably be considered to constitute bribes.  

We respect other companies' assets and protect our assets from loss, theft, encroachment or misuse. 

We may not do business with customers or suppliers that we suspect to be violating our anti-corruption rules. 

We maintain an open attitude in dialogue with those affected by our business activities. We answer questions from external parties and communicate with interested parties in a proper, effective manner. 

Managers and leaders must be aware of and assume responsibility within their areas for ensuring compliance with the code of conduct and current relevant national laws and regulations. All employees at Ecotrans Group are responsible for ensuring that they themselves act in accordance with the values of the code of conduct and business principles. Ecotrans Group is responsible for ensuring that work on the code of conduct takes place as a continuous process and for documenting and communicating how we ourselves and our suppliers meet the requirements.  

Each employee is responsible for reporting possible cases of fraud or other criminal conduct to the management. Verified violations of our code of conduct lead to immediate disciplinary action, including dismissal in the case of more serious deviations from the guidelines. Employees who are uncertain as to whether any particular conduct may violate this code of conduct should consult their immediate superior. 

Responsibility for employees    
The CEO is responsible for communicating the contents and aims of this code of conduct within the organisation and for encouraging employees to report circumstances that may conflict with these rules. Reports of violations of this code of conduct may be submitted anonymously and in confidence to Ecotrans Group, Oceangatan 3, 252 25 Helsingborg or Comveritas Svenska AB. Persons who report in good faith will not be subjected to any punishment or other adverse consequences. Failure to comply with the rules laid down in this code of ethics may result in disciplinary action.